How Do You Know if a Mobile App Is Safe?

It seems like apps touch every part of our lives these days, be they fitness trackers, navigation aids, or social media. All of that can come at a price, however. We often give these apps significant access to our phones and tablets, putting our data and privacy at risk. This makes it especially important to be careful about which software we choose to download.

Here are a few commonsense steps you can follow that will lower your risk of falling prey to malicious apps.

Don't Be a Guinea Pig

Try to avoid being among the first people to try out a new app featured at Once it's been in the store for a while, enough people have had a chance to download and use it that you can be reasonably sure that there is nothing to worry about.

Only Download from Trusted Sources

One of the simplest safety precautions you can take is to stick to authorized sources for your app downloads. This usually means relying on the official app store of your phone's operating system. These official stores are supported by large companies that usually have fairly strict requirements that must be met by any developers hoping to upload their software.

It is still important to be cautious even with these stores, however. Different vendors have varying security standards for their stores, and sketchy apps have been known to make it past the security methods of large, trusted companies.

Check Reviews

Another easy way to check up on a new app is to look for reviews. The most trustworthy releases will often have many reviews spread across several different publications. On the other hand, a harmful app might not have any reviews at all. A quick search may even turn up warnings about its malicious nature.

Use a Virus Scanner

No matter how much caution you take when selecting an app featured at  Apprview website to download, it's impossible to know with certainty whether a given download is safe. For  those times when a piece of malware might slip past, a mobile antivirus can be a great asset for a little extra protection. These will generally recognize any known viruses with a high rate of accuracy, and can even detect new samples using heuristic methods.

In the end, there's no foolproof way to avoid infection, but you can reduce your chances significantly by following some of the tips laid out here.